The body is magical and as we support it, the yield will be plentiful and bring wellbeing in your life.  

Pascal ’s 40 years of experience in the world of dance, studying different styles and technics in Ballet, Modern Dance, Yoga,Dance Theater,Improvisations and others, has helped him develop technics and exercises that bring the science and the art of movement together. 

The awareness of gravity’s pull is a starting point in understanding and knowing our body. Connecting to these sensations, allows for an authentic expression of your physicality and your athletic performance. 

It is also calming and comforting to practice listening to our instrument only then can we notice hidden tensions and therefore have some control over them. 

With working one on one with clients , Pascal can create a set of activities and exercises to fit one's needs.  

It Includes, Yoga, Stretching, Dance, Creative Movements, Cardio Vascular Training,Breathing, Rebounding and light weight under tension program. 

I would be happy to meet with you or speak over the phone to help you create a workout that fits your needs. 



Cell Phone:917-915-8212 


Pascal was awarded a Master 's degree in teaching Ballet from the French Ministry of Culture for his accomplishments in the field of dance.